Post-operative instructions after hair transplant

        The day after the transplant you will see a blood loss with a little serum on your neck, don’t panic, it’s very normal. This means that the serum comes out from where the hair follicles are extracted.

        Do not touch the transplanted area. Clean only extendable parts.

        Do not bend your head too much in the first days of the tree after surgery, avoid hard work and long walks as much as possible.

        In case of swelling on the forehead. Don’t worry, it will disappear within 3 days. Swelling does not mean or cause health problems.

        Most crusts will fall within 10 days of hair transplantation. After the tenth day apply the shampoo with soft circular movements as described by the doctor, it will help you get rid of the rest of the crusts.

        The shampoo we recommend has no nourishing effect on the hair. The purpose of using this shampoo is to avoid damage to the hair follicles. Use shampoo once a day until done. After the shampoo is finished. You can wash your hair with the doctor’s recommended shampoo.

        Sensitivity on the neck can continue for up to 4-6 weeks. It is normal to have pain stings when you put your head on the pillow. It is not a type of pain that requires taking pain relievers. If you have excessive itching on your neck, you can consult your doctor.

        The first 10 days after surgery are very critical

        Avoid Turkish path or sauna for 1 month. Avoid the solarium for 8 months. You should also avoid swimming in the sea for 15 days and swimming in the pool for 1 month.

        Avoid light exercises for 15 days and heavy ones for 1 month.

        Avoid sexual intercourse for two weeks after the operation.

        Do not use alcohol while taking antibiotics.

        Reduce smoking for 7 days after surgery.

        The donor area can be shaved with scissors or a clipper after 1 month. You can shave the transplant area with scissors after 1 month. But with a clipper and a razor after 3 months.

        You should avoid the sun from 11 to 16. When the rays are the strongest.

        Use hair products recommended by your doctor 1 month after hair transplantation. These products will help protect existing hair and speed up the healing process of transplanted hair.

        It is normal to see acne in both transplants and in the donor area for up to 6 months.

        Take all medications as explained by the medical advisor.

        Do not scratch the transplanted area and be careful not to hit it anywhere.

        Do not wear anything on your head for 10 days. helmets are not allowed for a month.

        Avoid dyeing your hair for a month

        Do not use hair dryers for one month after the operation

        Follow the hair washing procedure as explained by the medical advisor.

        Hair in the transplant area will be lost within 3-4 weeks due to reduced oxygen transport. Planted hair roots produce new ones. Strong and healthy hair in about 12-14 weeks and this new hair grows about 1-2 cm per month.


        Planted hair will grow 3-4 months after surgery. This process will continue approximately until the 12th month for the frontal area. And until the 18th month for the high head.

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