Needle-free anesthesia

Once we a patient’s scalp is prepared for the hair transplant procedure, we need to apply a local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is applied with a special needle-free machine based on the cutting-edge tech in the world of medicine – Jet Injection

Before we take the hair follicles, we need to ensure that the area is numb so that the patients don’t feel any pain or discomfort. The Jet injection has no needle at the tip, but it’s still able to insert the local anesthetic under the skin. Only, this time, there’s no pain, nor any discomfort for that matter.


needle free
normal injection

Needle Injection

Needlefree injection

Needle-free Injection

The needle-free anesthesia provides a relief to the patients in psychological way and it is also beneficial from a technical point of view as experts say. These include ensuring that the risk of infection and pain of the patient is minimized.

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