How to Prepare for your Hair Transplant operation:

it is critical to know what you should be doing in the days before your hair transplant operation, take the time to do your research, so that you know what to expect and get higher chances for successful hair transplant.

Reduce Smoking
The first thing you’ll need to do before the surgery is to reduce smoking as much as you can for at least one week before the surgery.

While this might be a real challenge for the heavy smokers, but if you want to ensure you get the best results possible, it really is a must.

Avoid Drinking
The second thing that you’ll want to do to prepare yourself is to avoid drinking in the time period leading up to the surgery as well. If you’re drinking quite heavily, this could interfere with the anaesthesia process, which could then make the entire surgery go a lot less smoothly than it should.

Discuss your Medications
Are you currently using any medications?
In some situations, the doctors may request that you stop a medications you’re using to avoid interactions with the anesthesia and the overall process of the hair transplant.
Be sure to tell your doctor everything about the medications you are taking.

Discuss Your Anesthesia
Speaking of the anesthesia, make sure that you talk about that and plan for it as well. Most people will opt for a local anesthesia, however you can talk about alternate options with them if you feel the need to do so.
Most people are also sedated during the process so they are not conscious of it occurring.  This can help to avoid any form of anxiety that patients can often experience during the procedure itself.

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