Doctor's Training:

In the last year we have developed our Training program, to provide top practical knowledge, by sharing the latest trends, best knowledge and skills to prepare doctors all over the world to perform operations on the highest level.




Plastic Surgery


Hair Transplant 


Cosmetic Dentistry 

Additional trainings:

  • Comprehensive training in principles of aesthetics, cosmetic surgery procedures, management of patients during consultation, pre-operative work up, during surgical procedure, post-operative care, and management of complications arising from cosmetic surgery.

  • Additional training in patient care: recognizing psychological issues associated with cosmetic surgery (i.e., body dysmorphic disorder), conducting initial patient consultations, and managing expectations.

  • Additional training in non-invasive modalities such as injection of neurotoxins & fillers, laser skincare, chemical peels, and other cosmetic non-surgical treatments.

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