Breast Reduction - Mammaplasty


The human breast grows like any organ in the body. Over time, with weight gain and some hormonal imbalance, the breast can grow bigger than normal in a way that causes discomfort to the woman. Besides the flaw that happens in the breast shape, it can also cause unbalance in movement, pain in both back and waist, and under breast rash. İn this situation, you should go to a plastic surgeon to check and see if you need a reduction mammaplasty or not.

The techniques of this surgery have been developed over the past 10 years, proper techniques are being followed according to the patient’s condition and the shape of the breast. For young and healthy patients, an I scar or LOLLIPOP scar is preferred while for bigger breasts we prefer the ANCOR scar during the surgery. The operation doesn’t cause a lot of pain and the patient can go back to her normal life after almost a week from the operation.

“Can I breastfeed after the surgery?” is one of the FAQs. The answer is, “YES” you can, as in general we protect the mammary gland and its tissues.

The numbness you feel after the operation will go away almost after 6 months.

How much your breast will be minimized depends on your hight and your weight. As in general the breast tissues are very important in any woman’s life, we don’t tend to minimize the breast in an exaggerated way.

You are free to take a shower after 3 days from the operation. The stitches won’t be removed as they will be cosmetic ones.

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