breast LIFT
The normal nipple looks a little bit up and pointy but over time it starts to slide down, after the slide of the upper part of the breast tissues, the breast starts to look saggy, and that happens due to aging, breast feeding or after weight loss. A Mastopexy surgery is done to reshape the nipples and give them the normal shape.

There are many techniques to do this surgery, and that’s according to the case of the patient, so in case of having a small saggy area, i use CRESCENT LIFT technique where the scar will be only around the areola, in case of having a wider saggy area i use LOLLIPOP OR I SCAR technique as i add another incision under the areola with the one around it, with more sophisticated cases i use ANCHORE technique as i make a scar around the areola and another one between the crease and the areola.

Some women need some volume in their breasts as they may have been fairly empty, so silicon implant will be a great choice with the Mastopexy. This operation is like any breast plastic surgery i recommend wearing a corset after the operation. The patient can go back to normal and work life after 2 to 3 days of the operation. The patient can take a shower after 3 days of the operation, after one week she can jog as a kind of sports and after one month she can practice any physical routine.

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