Beard Transplant

Beard transplant is suitable for males who finds it difficult to grow a full and healthy beard or sideburns. 

Beard transplant is a simple solution that create a full healthy beard.

How FUE Beard Transplant is performed

Just like the normal FUE hair transplant, the donor hair for beard also comes from the back or the sides of the scalp.

However, the site of the donor area depends on which side our doctors feel that it can match the facial hair, sometimes it’s the back and sometimes it’s the sides of the scalp.

Normally, hairs from the very back of the head are the closest match for the goatee or mustache region and anterior/central cheeks, while donor hairs from the sides can be a best match for the sideburns and posterior/lateral cheeks.

After being transplanted, the hair is permanent and it grows same as the normal facial hair, it can be shaved just like when you shave the normal hair. 


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