Arm Lift

The arm lift is a plastic surgery done to cut excessive skin and fats in the upper arm area which occurred due to gravity, excessive weight gain and loss, and aging. We can see this case in both men and women. This operation became so popular especially recently, as a result of the diet programs which ensure fast weight loss in such a short time.

İt is such a comfortable operation, it is performed by cutting excessive skin from the droopy area, taking out excessive fats at the same time, and giving the upper arm an aesthetic form. The patient should rest for a whole week after the operation after that he/she can go back to normal life. This operation can be done under local or general anesthetic according to your case.

We are always asked about the surgical Marks. As you will have surgery you will definitely have Marks, this Marks can be so obvious in the beginning but after a while, they start to take your skin color. İf u have been suffering from any stretching Marks due to excessive weight loss, they will likely have vanished after the operation. You will be asked to wear a corset after the operation for 4 weeks. You will have to keep away from any narrow or skinny outfits after the operation.

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